About me

About me

A Computer Scientist by education, I have primarily been a Multiagent Systems & Simulation Research Engineer for the last 11 years. One part of my work is concerned with the design and analysis of complex adaptive systems by means of agent-based and game-theoretic techniques, with a particular focus on explanation. On the other hand, I am also an experienced software engineer with particular experience in Rust and C++ and a special interest in functional and generative programming.

My interest in complexity science in general and multiagent systems and simulations in particular was sparked around 2005 when I got hold of Steven Levy’s book on Artificial Life. I was absolutely fascinated by the seminal work of people like Von Neumann, Conway, Schelling, Wolfram, etc., and their contributions to the origins of agent-based modelling and social simulation. I wanted to know more about all of this and decided to develop, as part of my Master’s thesis, a framework for crowd simulation. The core was essentially an agent architecture that incorporates physical and cognitive layers, allows for their prioritisation, and provides a basis for subsequent visualisation.

Shortly after finishing my MSc, I left Germany and moved to London where I had the great opportunity to work for Sandtable, a newly-founded startup in the area of agent-based social simulation. Whilst developing the core simulation engine at Sandtable, I realised that verification and validation (V&V) of complex simulation models represents a particularly challenging problem and I decided to start a PhD on that topic at King’s College London under the supervision of Simon Miles, Peter McBurney, and Michael Luck.

After a particularly enjoyable period as a PhD student and later as a Postdoc at King’s, I moved back to Germany and joined Bosch as a Researcher. What attracted me to this job was that, due to its inherently distributed nature, its heterogeneity, and its openness, the Internet of Things is a perfect example of a multiagent scenario. My main challenge at Bosch is to investigate the potential of multiagent systems and simulation methods for the design, implementation, analysis, and verification of future ‘Economies of Things’ — especially in the context of the recent rise of Blockchain technology.

In June 2019, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join GlobalABM, a UK-based startup in the field of agent-based modelling!


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer Science, 2015
King’s College London, UK
Dissertation: Statistical runtime verification of agent-based simulations

Master of Science (MSc), Software Engineering, 2015
University of Oxford (Exeter College), UK
Dissertation: BDI4MABS – An agent-oriented programming approach for high-performance multiagent-based simulation

Master of Science (MSc), Computer Science, 2008
FernUniversität Hagen, Germany
Dissertation: Entwurf und Implementierung eines objektorientierten Frameworks zur Simulation von Gruppendynamik

Dipl.-Informatiker (FH), Computer Science, 2004
Hochschule Isny, Germany
Dissertation: Entwurf und Implementierung einer mobilen Umgebung zur Darstellung von Raster- und Navigationsinformationen